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Count on Kinetic Business for reliable network and connectivity solutions that will serve your business well in a connected, anytime, anywhere environment.

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Kinetic Business network and connectivity solutions solve the challenges of optimizing application performance, facilitating cloud adoption, and keeping up with the growing demands for bandwidth – all while enhancing your business continuity planning and alleviating the workload on your internal IT resources.

Get dedicated Internet or Gigabit fiber Internet connections, MPLS or SD-WAN solutions, and fully managed services such as Managed Router or Managed Network Security for your growing business.

  • Fiber-fast internet speeds, up to 1 Gbps, that scale with business growth
  • Wireless internet backup connections for business continuity and peace of mind
  • Symmetrical upload/download speeds for businesses with high upload volume
  • Private and secure multi-location networking solutions
  • End-to-end network router management and maintenance

Network Connectivity Solutions


One Gig Fiber Internet pairs speed and reliability to accelerate your business success.


Simplify multi-site network management while reducing costs and eliminating network downtime.


Reduce the costs and eliminate the hassles associated with managing your network router.


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