Business continuity solutions to help eliminate downtime

Businesses need Internet connectivity and the cost of downtime from network failures is crippling. Kinetic Business provides cloud communications and wireless Internet backup solutions that help ensure business continuity in the event of an outage.

Be prepared with:

Ensure business continuity with automatic failover solutions and cloud-based communications from Kinetic Business.

Business continuity is no longer a “nice-to-have” feature for businesses. In today’s digital environment, your network connections are the backbone of your business. How many business functions can you name that don’t rely on Internet connectivity? Very few. Downtime is simply not an option for a thriving business.

Another important part of business continuity is planning for future needs. With bandwidth needs doubling every 18 months, you need a future-proof Internet connection that can scale as your demand for bandwidth grows. Fiber connections are the future of business with virtually limitless scalability.

Innovative solutions and technologies from Kinetic Business can prepare your business for the future and help prevent loss of revenue and productivity in unforeseen circumstances. Be prepared no matter what challenges your business may face with resilient network and voice solutions from Kinetic Business.

  •  Wireless internet backup
  •  Cloud-based communications for mobility
  •  Internet uptime SLA (service level agreement)
  •  Seamless failover and resiliency to all business locations
  •  Resilient fiber internet connections

Business Continuity Solutions


Always-On Wireless Internet Backup means peace of mind with a 99.999% uptime SLA.

Cloud Voice

Our virtual phone system allows you to conduct business and collaborate anywhere on any device.


Simplify multi-site network management while reducing costs and eliminating network downtime.


We’re here to help get you back to business.

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