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Does Your Small to Mid-Market Business have Peace of Mind with Internet Security?

Even the idea of security breach of any kind is dangerous for SMBs. You need to know that your Internet connection is not only reliable, but secure and safe. Windstream's Internet Security provides peace of mind so you know that while your company is connected to the Internet, you are protected.

Windstream Internet Security is a managed network security solution for SMBs that offers protection from threats when connected to the Internet using our Advanced VPN technology. All data going over your connection will be protected, keeping confidential files secure and customer data safe. Choose your level of protection and implement with assistance from our experts today!

Secure Your Internet with one of these levels:


Firewall and reporting


Basic intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, web-filtering


Advanced Plus application control


  • Maximum security for all your locations. 
  • Scalability to meet needs of changing traffic requirements
  • Reliable connectivity with optimum network uptime


  • Cost effective with no CAPEX
  • Fully managed by Windstream
  • 24/7 US based network support

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