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Windstream's network and cloud communications solutions, designed specifically for small-to mid-sized businesses, keep you connected and in front of growing demands.


With our managed solutions, we manage the daily grind of keeping your network running at peak performance, while you focus on growing your business.


Windstream is here to help you get the most out of your telecom investments, making your existing connections work harder for you. We can help maximize the performance of these connections and eliminate downtime.

OfficeSuite UC®

Communication, whether customer facing or internal with employees, directly impacts success. OfficeSuite UC®, a 100% cloud-based unified communications solution, combines calling, voicemail, chat, presence, fax and conferencing on one platform available from any place and any device.

Evolve Your SMB WANosaurus with SD-WAN

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a transformative platform that optimizes application performance, reduces costs and simplifies network management. This over-the-top (OTT) solution helps free up bandwidth and eliminate downtime across all your existing network connections – regardless of provider. Make downtime and network disruptions extinct with SD-WAN.


The Need for Communications System Flexibility—Unified Communications

The term “flexibility” can mean many things. Flexibility to us at Windstream means empowering the small to mid-market businesses who trust us with their network and communications needs. That empowerment begins with communication—the first time our customer comes into contact with their customer. Unified communications enables SMBs to never miss the opportunity to make that first contact.

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SD-WAN for Small Business Part 1: 3 Reasons Retailers need SD-WAN

As a small business retailer, you already have the uphill battle of fighting for sales with larger box retailers. If you haven’t already, you’re planning for the upcoming holiday shopping season. On top of planning for inventory needs, you’re developing marketing plans and ways to stand out amongst shoppers on Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, and even Cyber Monday if you have an online store too. In the background of running your store is your network. You may have an MPLS or WAN already in place to manage your POS system along with HR, accounting, and other programs your employees need. That network may or may not be doing a decent job of handling bandwidth during your off season when it’s not busy. 

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SD-WAN for Small Business Part 2: Top 2 Reasons Banks need SD-WAN

Network failures and loss of Internet and the inability to perform operational functions and serve customers will become a distant, terrible memory. SD-WAN for banks prevents all that with active/active circuits.  This is because SD-WAN enables you to fully manage your network and what’s on it.  You can see how much of your network each application uses. You’ll notice trends and cycles and prioritize apps based on your bank’s needs. 

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