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Windstream Supports Small Business Saturday by Halting Network Updates

Small Business Saturday is this weekend, November 25, and it's guaranteed to create a BIG spike for small businesses. Shopping local is all the rage. Are you prepared, as a small business owner or manager, for the frenzy?

The Need for Communications System Flexibility—Unified Communications

The term “flexibility” can mean many things. Flexibility to us at Windstream means empowering the small to mid-market businesses who trust us with their network and communications needs. That empowerment begins with communication—the first time our customer comes into contact with their customer. Unified communications enables SMBs to never miss the opportunity to make that first contact.

Top 3 Communication Platform Struggles

Meetings make our world go around and around. Sometimes it can be rather dizzying and cloud our brains with the many communication platforms we encounter all in one day. Even if you’re hosting a meeting, you may use multiple platforms for phone, conference line, and video conference/screen sharing. So let’s get real about the top 3 struggles most of us face all for the purpose of working towards boosting our revenue.

SD-WAN for Small Business Part 2: Top 2 Reasons Banks need SD-WAN

As part of our series on SD-WAN for small business, my last blog discussed how SD-WAN enables retailers to give a better customer experience.  Today I am going to discuss the top 2 reasons why banks need to implement SD-WAN for your branches.

The Small Business Network Need for Speed & Improved Network Performance

You’re only as good as your network” is a pretty accurate way of looking at how businesses operate. Customers both in the business and consumer sectors expect Wifi when they’re at your location, and they expect it to be fast. Traditional business internet networks can’t perform up to that level of service because they’re not primed for your demands as well as the demands of your customers.

SD-WAN for Small Business Part 1: 3 Reasons Retailers need SD-WAN

We’re going to start a series that focuses on software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) for small business. That phrase, SD-WAN sounds so cumbersome but it’s pretty simple. It’s managing your network for optimum performance and ensures that your employees can keep doing their jobs while you’re meeting the needs of your customers. The first part of our series will focus on retail.

Solution for Remote Employees: Unified Communications as a Service for Small Business

If you’ve taken notice that you or some of your employees need more flexibility to work remotely, you’re not alone. If you or your team work “outside” the office, but still need them to be connected to the office, you’re not alone there either.  There is a growing need for small businesses to stay connected 24×7.  59% Of SMBs view mobile technology as critical to their business and telecommuting has climbed to 37% and it’s growing.  If you are similar to your fellow SMB’s, you are now tasked with figuring out how to logistically work from essentially anywhere to increase revenue and productivity.  Unified communications is here to HELP!

Small Business SD-WAN Solutions: EarthLink + Windstream

On Feb 27th, 2017, the EarthLink and Windstream merger was complete. The combined company creates a stronger, more competitive provider of small business solutions with an exceptional customer experience, more flexible network connectivity options, and an enhanced product portfolio.