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Windstream’s SD-WAN is a cloud-based, cost-effective tool to increase your available Internet access bandwidth, provide circuit resiliency, improve your business application performance and reliability, and provide real-time network usage and performance monitoring.

SD-WAN utilizes software and cloud-based technologies to shape and prioritize your voice and data services, putting you in control of what’s most important in your business.

  • Combine multiple Internet connections
  • Data shaping tools to prioritize Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Applications optimization to monitor and improve network paths for higher quality
  • Security with an integrated firewall
  • Redundant and diverse connections
  • Single-site and multi-site location support
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Limited Time Offer: Bundle with OfficeSuite®

Windstream’s award winning OfficeSuite® is one of the most secure office phone systems in the industry. OfficeSuite is a cloud-based phone system that provides businesses with a complete, unified communications solution.

When you bundle OfficeSuite and SD-WAN, you’re layering a robust all-in-one communication plan for your business’ phone and Internet data. You can say goodbye to outages, collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, and for a limited time only, you’ll get one month of service free.

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