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Introducing Kinetic Gig

Windstream is proud to introduce Kinetic Gig Internet to your small business, thanks to the power of our newly enhanced, fiber-backed network and our continued commitment to bring your business the highest level of service and technological innovation.

Kinetic Gig Internet is an unmatched leader when it comes to speed. Everything from typical online tasks to massive data uses will be enhanced and noticeably improved when you use Kinetic Gig Internet access. With Kinetic Gig Internet, you can back up files to cloud-based solutions, submit files and work in hosted applications, video conference, and have multiple users connected simultaneously. No matter what your data tasks are, Kinetic Gig Internet delivers the best experience available.

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What can Kinetic Gig do for Your Small Business?

You know time is money, and with Kinetic Gig's upload and download speed, you can give your business the gift of time. You and your employees can be more productive and work more efficiently than ever before.

Whether your small business is the popular coffee shop in town or the neighborhood hospital clinic, Kinetic Gig allows you, your coworkers, and visitors to be connected to a superior online experience without the worry of strained bandwidth. As the Internet of Things continues to grow, Kinetic Gig empowers your business to be ahead of this digital age.

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Available in Select Markets

Windstream is proud to be a provider of Kinetic Gig Internet to over 150 communities across 15 states. On Aug. 25, 2017, Windstream launched Kinetic Gig Internet in the following communities and their surrounding areas:

  • Canton, Ga.
  • Centerville, Ga.
  • Danielsville, Ga.
  • Jefferson, Ga.
  • Lavonia, Ga.
  • McRae, Ga.
  • Summerville, Ga.
  • White Plains, Ga.
  • Berea, Ky.
  • Florence, Miss.
  • Bolivar, Mo.
  • Columbus, N.C.
  • Denton, N.C.
  • Green Creek, N.C.
  • Sanford, N.C.
  • Denton, Neb.
  • Elyria, Ohio
  • Granville, Ohio
  • Hudson, Ohio
  • Morristown, Ohio
  • Rock Creek, Ohio
  • Vian, Okla.
  • Denver, Pa.
  • Ephrata, Pa.
  • Lewisburg, Pa.
  • Mifflinburg, Pa.
  • Lexington, S.C.
  • Wolfforth, Texas
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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that flexibility is key when choosing vendors to support your business. That’s why we created our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Although we are certain that our Internet service will fully meet your needs, we give you the option to disconnect within the first 30 days, for any reason, without penalty.


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Kinetic Gig Internet

Starting at
$ 139 .99 139.99/mo.
Regular Price: $169.99/mo.

Up to 1 Gbps Download /
Up to 1 Gbps Upload

  • Fastest speed available for ultimate bandwidth flexibility
  • Instantly send and receive files at the same speed
  • Video and web conference without interruption