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The Fastest Internet Available

With blazing-fast speeds up to 1 Gbps on a newly enhanced, fiber-backed network, you and your employees can be more productive and work more efficiently than ever before. Everything from typical online tasks to massive data uses will be greatly enhanced and noticeably improved.

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Big Bandwidth for Small Business

Connect all your people and all their devices without fighting over bandwidth, so you can get all the things you need faster than ever. Plus, unlock new possibilities for your business, like HD video conferencing, instant access to the cloud, and having your most important applications just a quick click away.

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Get in the Fast Lane With Kinetic GIG

Transform your business with the fastest Internet speed available, up to 1 Gbps! You’ll enjoy ultimate speed and reliability — along with symmetrical upload and download speeds — on our newly enhanced fiber network.

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Kinetic by Windstream: Limited-time offer. Subject to availability. Must subscribe to select plans to qualify. Promotional price requires a 12-month commitment. After 12 months, the standard Kinetic Business Internet rate applies. Includes up to 1 Gbps Business Class Internet based on speed qualification, dynamic IP, business access line, unlimited long distance and certain calling features.. Terms and conditions may apply. Business Class Internet: Windstream cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service. Speed availability, actual performance, and provisioning may vary depending on customer location, terrain, Internet and network conditions, website traffic, and quality of customer equipment. Equipment: Up to $10 equipment fee may apply. Windstream provided modems will be capable of in-business wireless networking, but devices supported by in-business wireless networking connections may experience speeds not equal to advertised speeds or the speed referenced in your High Speed Internet plan. With wireless networking, actual throughput speed may be impacted by several factors including interference from other equipment or devices at the location, distance from the modem, modem location, number and types of devices connected, physical obstructions, and time of day. To obtain advertised speed, connecting a device directly to the modem to provide a wired connection is recommended. Modem equipment must be returned upon termination, and if not, Windstream reserves the right to charge for the modem or a $100 fee.