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    Our #1 priority is enabling our customers to run their businesses smoothly and effectively. One way in which we accomplish that is by delivering small business phone systems designed to suit your needs. Windstream’s Phone Services offer superior reliability along with 24/7 technical support while our VoIP Solutions offer next-generation phone and data options, ensuring you never miss a call.

    Phone Services
  • Voice Line & Features
    Voice Line
    & Features
    • Keeps your business connected
    • Reliable Service
    • Cost-Efficient
    • 24/7 Support

    Long Distance and Conferencing
    Long Distance
    & Conferencing
    • Flexible Options
    • Unlimited Long Distance
    • Toll-Free Service
    • Global Conferencing
    • Up to 150-line subscriptions

    VoIP Solutions
    • All-In-One Internet, Voice, and Network
    • New Professional Phones Without Investing CAPEX
    • Hosted or premise based
    • Instantly Adapts to Your Needs
    • 24/7 Customer Care
    • Automatic phone software Upgrades by Our Remote IT Experts At No Cost
    • Built-In Disaster Recovery


    • Call Forwarding Busy Line/No Answer Transfer sends unanswered calls to a designated number.
    • Call Transfer easily directs callers to their appropriate contact.
    • Repeat Dialing redials a busy number and sends you a notification when the line is available.
    • Speed Dial Lists store frequently dialed numbers for quick and easy calling.

    • Three-Way Calling lets you collaborate with business partners and team members.
    • Business Voice Mail enables easy message management.
    • Unified Messaging lets you listen to and manage your voice messages online or via email, manage your contacts and phone calls and even share your voice mailbox for your business line and your cell phone. Available with our VoIP solutions.


    Order products and services in a single bundle and enjoy the combined benefits of having all your communications services with a single provider at a competitive, non-variable rate.

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    Business Bundles

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